The Value of a Business Broker

Why Consult (Employ ? Use?) a Business Broker?

You are an expert in operating your business. Selling your business requires a different set of skills. Can you answer the endless questions buyers may ask? Can you answer those questions when employees or customers are present? Can you advertise worldwide to find the best possible buyer for your Business? Can you do all of this without involving your customers, employees and vendors? Here are a few of the reasons you might want a professional business broker on your side.

*Confidentiality – There are so many reasons why you want to maintain confidentiality. We have seen customers leave because they found out a business was for sale. We have seen vendors tighten up credit terms when they learned that a sale was pending.  We have seen employees look for another job or ask for a raise when they learned that a sale was pending. Good things rarely happen when the word of a sale gets put.

At Goldcrest we have multiple layers to protect your information. We will never disclose the name or location of your business until a prospect has signed a tight confidentiality/Non-disclosure agreement. We know how to advertise without disclosing the business name. We will not send your tax returns or other confidential material – we will recreate the numbers on a blind document that cannot be tied to your business.

While breaches of confidentiality happen sometimes Goldcrest will use every tool available to keep the sale confidential

*Advocacy – Your business broker will be an advocate and a cheerleader for your listing. We will assemble and present all of the information to show your company in its best possible light. We will prepare valuation information to justify the asking price for the business. We can show the prospects other listings to demonstrate why yours is better. Throughout the process we will be taking the steps needed to get your transaction to the closing table. Because you have hired a professional the buyers know that they must act – they know we will continue marketing the business until a buyer is found.

*The Intermediary Function – This can be the most valuable service we provide. Negotiation between buyer and seller can cover a multitude of issues. Working as a neutral intermediary your business broker can often get agreement even when the parties start out far apart.  A skilled negotiator can quickly identify the areas of agreement. He or she can inform buyers and sellers when their demands are unreasonable and not likely to happen in any transaction. The business broker can offer compromises and make creative proposals that have worked in other transactions. Most importantly your business broker can document the wishes of the parties in a way that will clear the attorney and accountant reviews and keep the transaction moving forward.

*Completing The Transaction – Your Orlando business broker will be the center of activity once a contract is accepted. We will identify all critical activities. We will coordinate between buyer and seller and their advisers (attorneys and accountants). We will establish deadlines to keep the process moving. We will coordinate due diligence activities and assemble and explain the documentation. Outside parties like landlords, vendors, payroll services and many others may need to be involved at some point in the transaction. Your business broker will coordinate these activities at the appropriate time without disrupting business activity. Selling and transferring a business is a step by step process.  When done properly it does not need to be a stressful event. Goldcrest will lead and coordinate every detail of the process. Closing day will be a celebration as all parties realize their goal.

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