Good Business records will help to sell your business at the best price

To perform a thorough valuation we would like to have three years of business tax returns (all schedules), and a Year-End Profit & Loss (Income Statement) for each of those years. We would like a Year to Date Income Statement and current Balance Sheet. We would like to have the owner’s best estimate of current market value of tangible assets (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment). Experts in our industry say it is nearly impossible to accurately value a collection of small business assets but at several points in a transaction we must put a number on those assets. The IRS requires it. We should know approximately how much inventory will be included in the price and how much Accounts Receivable are included (or not included) in the purchase price.

There is much more to say about business records. In the event you decide to list the business for sale we will want to know lots more – staff and customer data, lease or real estate details, contracts with customers and key vendors, etc. And there is more! When you accept an offer the buyer will begin “due diligence”. At this point they may ask for any paperwork or reports about the business. Many buyers will request the company QuickBooks file to speed due diligence. You can expect to be asked for Bank Statements, employee payroll tax reports (form 940, 941, UCT-6), product or service guarantees, AR and AP details and more. Many of these same documents will be required by a lender if one is involved.

Goldcrest will assist in assembling and explaining these documents to the parties that need to know. We have high speed scanning capability and procedures that allow us to securely transmit the information while protecting confidentiality.

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